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Comic Strips

Comic Strips
Model: 7928
Felix the cat, that wonderful, wonderful cat is laughing so much, his sides are aching! Black earband with Felix embroidered on the front...
Model: 17996
This colorful, rectangular decal features Felix The Cat heads and pawprints...
Model: 18177
A very happy Felix The Cat is embroidered in tight white, black, and red stitching on this great patch...
Model: 49119
Felix the Cat shows his tough side in a Swinger graphic on this blue t-shirt in a soft 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. The badass cat swings his boxing gloves in worn, faded print for a cool vintage vibe perfect for the retro cartoon icon...
Starting From $27.00
Model: 16677
Vintage style picture of Felix The Cat questioning What? with all innocence on this acrylic keychain...
Model: 51974
Felix the Cat delivers a devastating blow in a paint-splattered Wild Cats athletic graphic on the front of this grey juniors t-shirt in a soft tri-fabric blend. With highly distressed print, this is a hip, stylish tee with an authentic vintage look perfect for America's classic cartoon feline...
Starting From $27.00
Model: 10478
Mike Peters' popular Mother Goose and Grim cartoons are a favorite everywhere! This crisp white cotton tee is perfect for the holiday season - that was fifty elves not elvis..
Starting From $17.95
Model: 82747
Garfield snuggles his teddy on the top of this ceramic, hand-painted trinket box, with BFF at the bottom. The top lid removes easily to reveal a compartment easy to store trinkets, change, keepsakes, and more. Great collectible for fans of everyone's favorite tubby tabby..
Model: 33148
From the popular comic strip Garfield comes this standard cotton short sleeve t-shirt in brown and featuring Garfield saying Blah Blah Blah, Yadda Yadda Yadda. Great tee for Garfield fans...
Starting From $17.95
Model: 82753
Candy! Candy! Candy! So you've got a sweet tooth like that portly tabby, Garfield? Then place your favorite candy in this glazed ceramic dish made to look like a cat bowl. The dish has the famous kitty's name on the outside with a centerpiece featuring Garfield shoveling candy into his mouth. Be pre..
Model: 42605
This kitty knows what he wants and makes no excuses for it! A white, cotton/poly blend juniors t-shirt from Garfield and Friends, printed in messy, half-finished color tones. The perfect print for the incorrigibly lazy and unnashamed gluttons everywhere!..
Starting From $22.00
Model: 82742
Garfield and Pooky tear up the road with this resin water globe figurine. The frisky feline rides a motorcycle with a side car holding his Teddy Bear inside a water globe. At least Pookie's got some protection from the wild ride...
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