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Famous Faces

Famous Faces
Model: 74606
For those few who still value an intelligent mind, this black cotton tank features a blue and green print image of Albert Einstein as part of the starry cosmos. Enter a universe meant for geniuses in this basic tank...
Starting From $19.95
Model: 135546
Audrey Hepburn brings you this 24x36 paper poster featuring a movie print from the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. A great addition to any fan's wall...
Model: 135550
Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe pose on this 24x36 paper poster. Featuring a black and white painting of Audrey tattooing Marilyn, this is a great addition to any fan's wall..
Model: 36961
Sexy color drawing of Bettie Page. This "fabric poster" -- a combination of tapestry and traditional poster -- is 100% polyester. Perfect for your bedroom, dorm room, or any space that needs some decoration..
Model: 17032
The sexy Bettie Page is hanging from a branch in leopard skin on the front of this standard-sized postcard. Decorate with it or send it to a friend...
Model: 25385
Bettie Page come to you on this black cotton t-shirt. She's laying on a bed in knee-high socks, waiting for you! On the back is a key-hole you can peek through and see her again! Awesome shirt for Bettie Page fans...
Starting From $17.95
Model: 44141
The notorious pin-up queen Bettie Page poses in a velvety vintage logo graphic on this standard sticker decal. A playful, seductive accessory perfect to spice up anything that needs it; measures three and a half inches by five."..
Model: 54861
The notorious Bettie Page flanks either side of an elegant Victorian seal crest in a stylized brown print on the front of this standard black t-shirt. Made from comfortable, high-quality 100% soft cotton, this is an incredible tee from 20th Century's most scandalous sex symbol...
Starting From $22.00
Model: 17034
Bettie Page is posed and gazing intensely on the front of this standard-sized postcard. Decorate with it or send it to a friend...
Model: 40193
Pin-up legend Bettie Page shows us the goods in a slightly faded print on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt. A sexy, sexy shirt!..
Starting From $17.95
Model: 40194
Sex-bomb pin-up girl Bettie Page cracks the whip on this black, 100% cotton juniors t-shirt. A slightly distressed, vintage print...
Starting From $22.00
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